Handwashing with COMFORT,
and CARE that contributes to a CAUSE.

SOAPY provides a controlled and comfortable handwashing experience, that uses high-tech tools to educate users, and improve compliance. SOAPY protects your health and, the earth. We give 1 clean machine for every 10 that are sold to those who need them the most. We make our world better.

Builds Trust

More than ever, visible efforts to ensure public health will enhance reputation,
increase employee and consumer satisfaction and loyalty.


SOAPY solves the most critical handwashing needs.

Bringing handwashing out of
the bathroom – and into the future.


SOAPY is backed by technology for safety, quality and compliance.

Think Science.

Data science validates,
scores and reports every
step of handwashing
to build better habits.


SOAPY protects health and saves precious resources.


Preserving the earth with
safe ingredients and
recyclable materials.


SOAPY's mission is to bring handwashing and good hygiene to all.


Good hygiene is essential. Our goal is to protect the most vulnerable.


Case studies have validated the impact of SOAPY across industries.

  • 2x

    Improvement! Food

  • 3x

    Improvement! Nursing

  • 4x

    Improvement! Schools

  • 5x

    Improvement! Hospitals

  • Highly recommended! Great team, support and technology. Soapy is the best way to prevent and control infection.

    - David Finkelstein - CTO
  • The Soapy Service/Technical team is extremely supportive, knowledgeable, and quick in response. We love the Soapy Units…Highly recommended!

    - Construction Manager (SCPO) Iowa City Plant Engineering
  • Simple and effective technology to control and prevent infection spread

  • Needed in every dental clinic! Not only for us the medical staff, it is highly appreciated by our clients as well. - highly recommended.

    - Dr Shay Markovitch - Owner
  • We use Soapy back in the kitchen and we have Soapy in the dining area for our clients. We all love it - high recommended

    - Peg Canniff - Owner
  • My customers love Soapy!

    - Tal - Business owner
  • "Best compliance and education technology for the health care system we ever tried"

    - Medical Officer
  • "A Must have in every hospital"

    - Medical Officer
  • We Soapy in many locations our co-working spaces, it is very efficient, simple and fun.

    - Morris Levi - owner
  • "Soapy is part of the green solutions we were looking to have in our new building"

  • Soapy's CleanMachine helps us maintain a clean and hygienic workspace at all hours of the day.

    - Adv. Shirley Dahan, Partner at M. Firon and Co.
  • "Simple and innovative at the same time!"

    - Omer Baruch - Operation Manager
  • Compliance visibility at its best presence must-have technology for the food production/processing industry.

    - Commercial Manager
  • The organizational value of SOAPY is clear and not something you can argue with

    - Quality Control Manager
  • To be good in the sport, you start with being healthy. My students love the CleanMachine hands washing game.

    - Gidon Retzkin - Founder & Owner East Coast Fencing Club
  • Soapy is a game-changer and a must washing system in every kitchen!

    - CEO of Japanika
Soapy Clean Machine
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